Sambadrome – Rio de Janeiro

Sambadrome – Rio de Janeiro


The Sambadrome is the place that hosts the annual parade of the Samba Schools during the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, where the principal of the Samba Schools competing for the special title of champion of the large group.

The Sambadrome, located in the center of the city of Rio de Janeiro, was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, one of the most important
architects worldwide.

The Sambadrome is located between Avenida Presidente Vargas near Praça Quinze and ends at Rua Frei Caneca. At the end of the Sambadrome is a large square Apotheosis where you can admire the big M of cement, the symbol of the Rio Carnival Parade.

The Sambadrome of Rio de Janeiro is constituted by sectors “free-standing” numbered from both the two sides of the track, that is from one side and odd on the other side.

This is where the schools of the special group parade and thousands of people live the unforgettable experience of Carnival from the bottom (pulling in mask) or from (dancing and singing from the stands and from the balconies).

Sector 1 is the area where the samba schools gather for preparations before the parade.
Sector 9 has tiers with numbered seats and the prices are higher because they have a better view.
The sectors 10 and 11 are considered to be the most exciting in the Sambadrome, perfect for those who want to sit in the stands and have a wonderful view of the parade from beginning to end.

The sectors 12 and 13 rows of seats assigned, and are at the end of the parade route near the Apotheosis square where schools conclude the parade.
Recall that the square Apotheosis over the years has been a place of welcome for large international music superstar Elton John, Santana, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Whitney Houston, Bon Jovi and major events (concert Rock in Rio).

Behind the bleachers you can walk freely and there are bars, fast-food, souvenir shops ect.
The parade is considered by many judges present at the event which set a vote for each school, considering:


– Samba enredo;







Comissão de Frente;

– Mestre-Sala and PortaBandeira.

Sunday and Monday are the days where there are major parades with all the schools of the panel, and after a week there is the award ceremony with a great celebration of the conclusion.

Near the Sambadrome will find many vendors do regular tickets (cambistas), be aware that they will try to get you to buy a ticket at very high sums.

Before arriving at the Sambadrome be organized bringing with you a camera or binoculars to photograph or see the details of the parade. Attention outside the Sambadrome in showing valuables in the street.

HOW TO GET TO Sambadrome
Public transport (taxi, bus, subway) are several ways to get to the Sambadrome, but we recommend to walk because the roads are closed to the transit of cars during the event.

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