Rio Samba City

Rio Samba City

The City of the Samba (Cidade do Samba), located a few minutes from the port of Rio de Janeiro, is the place that houses the most important productions of the Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro.

Inaugurated in 2006, has the opportunity to visit the pavilions where the Samba Schools prepare costumes and build floats for the famous Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, during the parade at the Sambadrome.

The City of Samba has 14 buildings (also called barracões), one for each of the samba schools. The buildings are 3 floors, so they have plenty of space to design, build and maintenance of large floats for Carnival, called “Carros Alegóricos“. The first floor has a large elevator to transport equipment and materials of various kinds. The second floor is for administration, painting, sewing clothes for the fashion show.

The City of Samba is a place of cultural entertainment, every year thousands of tourists participating in performances and other activities of the schools. You can browse during the day the presence of many artists, musicians, painters, costume designers and dancers to work anywhere in the City of Samba is amazing to see how the Brazilians are proud and happy to work and find the best solutions for your school and group samba to bring home the win.

The City of Samba is the place where the schools and all of the participants can make their dreams come true.

Block 1 – Laboratory Association of Samba Schools of Rio

Blocco 2 – Uniao da Ilha

Blocco 3 – Portela

Blocco 4 – Rio Grande

Blocco 5 – Vila Isabel

Blocco 6 – Porto da Pedra

Casella 7 – San Clemente

Blocco 8 – Salgueiro

Casella 9 – Association of Samba Schools of Rio

Blocco 10 – Mocidade

Block 11 – Beija-Flor

Block 12 – Unidos da Tijuca

Block 13 – Mangueira

Blocco 14 – Imperatriz

Address: Rua Rivadavia Correa 60, Gamboa
Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 to 17:00
Tickets: R$ 10.00 (Rio residents: R$ 5.00)
Show for guests at 10:00, 12:00 and 15:30
Tel: 2213 – 2546 / 2213-2503

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